Graduate Record Examination or GRE thoroughly tests a student's ability in terms of analytical writing, mathematics, verbal reasoning, critical thinking and vocabulary. GRE is the most widely accepted examination by foreign universities to determine a candidate's eligibility for a postgraduate program. Thus, clearing GRE can be considered as the gateway to studying in a foreign university. Countries like USA, Canada and Singapore accept GRE. Apart from graduate schools, many business schools also accept GRE score and may convert it to equivalent GMAT scores, the generally accepted exam score for management courses.

Cracking the GRE requires focused and clear-cut approach coupled with the right guidance provided by people who are highly experienced in this field. The Education counsellor is one such institution that is the top choice for students seeking GRE training. The benefits for studying with The Education counsellor are numerous :


The students choosing The Education counsellor for GRE coaching can rest assured to get the best training for the following reasons.

  • Our faculty does not confine itself to just teaching all the subjects of GRE but also conducts integrated doubt solving sessions for the students. These sessions provide ample opportunities for students to find answers to all queries and doubts that may have been encountered in any subject.
  • Questions are provided for practice at both home and class. The questions are all of GRE exam difficulty level which helps the students in becoming familiar with the kind of questions that are expected in the main examination. Regular practices make students more confident of solving all kinds of problems and get a good GRE score.
  • Regularly timed tests ensure that the students are able to assess their status at regular intervals. We also conduct full length mock tests at the end of the classes for the same purpose.
  • Each and every student is provided the benefit of a one-on- one analysis of his or her performance in the full length tests. This analysis makes him or her aware of the various areas which needs urgent correction for better performance. Needless to say that identifying the weak areas and working on them ensures better results.
  • We have various tips and tricks at our disposal for fast, accurate and efficient performance in GRE. All such tips and tricks are taught to the students for their benefit.


The Education counsellor is not only an institution for best GRE classes but also for counseling.

The students must select the right course and country before deciding to study in a foreign university. This can be confusing for young students who have no prior experience in this field. Our team of counselors helps students in this respect by providing expert guidance in choosing a course and country in accordance with their goals.
There is no dearth of foreign universities where a student can pursue a course of his or her choice. There is no need for a student to become confused in selecting a suitable university. Our expert counselors suggest only the best universities according to the course and needs of a student.
Our experts make the process of admission into a foreign university much smoother for a student. Guidance is provided to a student in writing an application for admission into a foreign university in order to ensure that it is not only devoid of errors but also enhances his or her chances of admission by thorough and clear emphasis on qualities and strengths. Expert guidance is also provided in drafting Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendations.
We help the students in filling visa applications and preparing financial and other documents. We also guide them in preparing for visa interviews.
We help students in getting bank or educational loans for financing their education abroad. Our tie ups with many banks and financial institutions enable us to help the students effectively.
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