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Welcome The Education Counsellor

TECI is a company with over 18 years of education industry experience.

We have been working in the Canadian education system for a long time and are well versed in our knowledge of education counseling services.

Throughout the years, we have worked with many people and are proud of our accomplishments working with families migrating to Canada.We have been able to assist their children in transitioning into the Canadian education system while providing them with the same opportunities as Canadian born children.

  • Pre - Assessment

    Career Pathway Planning with personalized counseling and assessment.

  • Organize

    Organize student profile and prepare strong application.

  • Execute

    Course guidance with multiple program options to choose from.

  • Head Start

    Pre-departure briefings and Assistance with Visa, Accommodation and Travel.

Chetna Desai, Managing Director

Chetna was born and raised in India but has since lived in Africa, England, Cayman Island and Canada.

Chetna has worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years in various positions such as international language teacher, administrator, and mentor coach. She enjoys focusing on youth development and succeeds in her role in guiding youth to a path that shapes them to be the best versions of them.

She believes that young people need to be raised to be strong, capable, talented and enthusiastic citizens and professionals.

Student Services


International Student Admission

This is an update on the new application program launched by Immigration Refugees ...


Education Counseling And Advice

We take great pride in counseling students sort through the right program of study.


Immigration Services

Rules and regulation for student permits are changed or modified on daily basis.

" My name is Komal. Mrs. Desai gave me a lot of confidence while I was going through the pain striking process of selecting the courses/ stream for my future. While me and my family thought Medicine was the path for me, Mrs. Desai with her experience and knowledge guided us through more informed decision. I may have lost a lot of time and money by being in a wrong program. Mrs. Desai highlighted my real strengths and guided me with my career plan that was also based on my goals and ambitions. She also stayed in touch with me to keep up with my grades so I can successfully complete my education. These reminders and communications have helped me stay focused and work hard. Thank you. "


" We were referred to Mrs. Desai by a family friend. We were going to migrate to Canada and were very concerned about transition of our two high school age children into Canadian education. When we talked to Mrs. Desai, she told us about the resources that are available to new students to Canada and a fair admission process to Universities as long as my children worked hard as they would, to go to a good university anywhere in the world. Once we got to Canada, we followed all the advice Mrs. Desai had given and I am very pleased to say that my children are well placed in their academic journey, despite of being new to Canada. We are glad that we were proactive as parents and we also got connected to a right person who had an in-depth knowledge to guide us in Canada. "

Mrs. Agnihotri

Hello, Chetnaben.
Bindi just received her visa approval. We are heartily thankful to you for your efforts,hard work and for guiding us to the right path to make our bright future in Canada.
Thank you.

Mrs. Hardik N.

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